Voodoo Ride

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Interior & Exterior —
All-Surface Detailer

PART #: VR8001



NET WT. 12 OZ. (340 GRAMS)

  • Simply spray-on and wipe off, cleans without water
  • Powerful foaming action lifts dirt, grit, tar, even oil stains
  • Works on, and is safe for paint, plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl, carbon fiber, glass and more
  • Anti-static to repel dust, UV sun protection guards against cracking and fading

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If you only buy one car care product this year, this would be the one.

All-Surface Detailer is our most versatile and popular product. It can be used on almost any solid surface both inside and outside of the vehicle. This hard-working detailer cleans, polishes, and protects, doing the work of 3 products with a single application. The aerosol spray goes on evenly and wipes up completely, leaving behind no streaks or residue, just a mild cherry scent.
What does "All-Surface" Really Mean? Voodoo Ride All-Surface Detailer will safely clean, polish and clear-coat, paint, chrome, carbon fiber, molding/trim, glass, plastic, rubber, aluminum, leather, vinyl, and cinyl wrap - pretty much any common vehicle surface exept suede leather, carpet and fabric. Definitely one of the most versatile auto cleaning products you can find. This truly is and interior and exterior car care product.
What you can expect when using this product?
The ease of use with our All-Surface Detailer is hard to beat. From the controlled aerosol application to the simple wipe away, you've never accomplished more with so little effort. The 10 seconds between spraying on the detailer and wiping it up, there's a lot of foaming action taking place; the lifting of dirt, the breaking down of proteins, the repelling of dust, the laying down of UV protection, and the saving of time.
The Result
In that 45 seconds it took to spray on the detailer, let it do its voodoo for 10 seconds, and then wipe it up, you just removed stains, lifted dirt, repelled dust, polished the surface to its most brilliant shine, and laid down a UV protection that will help keep colors true, the surface from cracking, and left behind the pleasant aromatics of mild cherry. Clean, shiny, protected and fresh smelling, probably one of the best investments of 45 seconds you've had in a while.
Don't just clean your vehicle, get it Voodoo clean. Directions
Shake well before use. Spray a light coat directly on a dry surface 6-8 inches away. For best results, use a clean, dry soft cloth or microfiber towel to wipe and lightly buff until residue disappears. Do not use on fabric or suede leather. Do not use on vehicle controls such as steering wheel, break or gas pedals. Keep product from freezing.
Product Warning
If swallowed, call a Poison Control Center or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes or on skin, rinse well with water. If on clothes, remove clothes. If breathed in, move person into fresh air. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
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