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We are a worldwide collective of car detail and cleaning freaks who get a rush from seeing dripping foam and suds on our toys.

Whether it's a car, truck, or motorcycle, we're obsessively passionate about keeping them looking fresh and clean. Voodoo Ride is much more than a car care and detailing brand. We are a way of thinking. We are a lifestyle. We strive to be the best at what we do.

Offering auto detailing products which work is a given. Voodoo Ride is devoted to developing car cleaning products that are easy to use and have unique features that simplifies the auto detailing process. We only produce car detailing products that we would personally use. For some, cleaning their vehicles is a dreadful chore, but for us it's the opposite. There is nothing more gratifying than transforming a dirty vehicle into a glistening work of mechanical beauty.

We know that there are many options available for car care and detailing. We encourage each of you to do your own research. Try out different products on the market and compare them to Voodoo Ride. We are confident that you'll love the quality and simplicity of use that Voodoo Ride has to offer.
What people have to say —
I love Voodoo Ride products they are the best thing in the market the car wash soap is the bomb, no water spots wow I’m so impressed, The wheel cleaner wow how it cleans and makes the chrome shine, I’m always telling my friends about Voodoo Ride products.
04-04-2019 - Javier Delgado
These are the best cleaning products ever! Honestly I can’t stop buying them. Makes me want to purchase more orders and have a lot in stock.
02-21-2019 - Kadyn P.
Easy to navigate, great products
02-13-2019 - Michael W.
Always hands down best product for the buck.
02-08-2019 - Luis P.
Best product I ever used to wash my car will be buying more
02-04-2019 - Lucas R.
Ordering was easy and shipping was fast, I love all the little details they put in the box such as a mini air freshener and the two other stickers that were like warning labels. It’s for my boyfriend’s birthday, he’s gotten the wheel/tire cleaner before and loves them. Very good service. Good prices for the products.
01-17-2019 - Madelyn W.
They fulfilled my order immediately and shipped the same day. Even though it was standard shipping, I received it just as quick as I've received Amazon's 2 day shipping.
12-29-2018 - Paul B.
My order was shipped fast and had an extra can of wheel cleaner given to me as extra!!!
12-13-2018 - Brad T.
Website is easy to navigate and the products are easy to find. Also the product discretion are very clear and easy to understand. Highly recommend!
11-30-2018 - Dustyn J.
Good website. Should come up with new detailing products such as wax, etc. overall good website
11-29-2018 - Luis P.
Easy to use website, amazing product. They have my car care business hands down
11-08-2018 - Landon N.
The website is easy to manouver around and always has their page updated to the latest offers they have, like always I go in the website order what I need and I’m done easy as 1-2-3 that is why I like ordering online!
11-07-2018 - Jesus R
Love my Halloween bundle. Cant wait for more holiday themed bundles.
11-07-2018 - Steven S.
Great detail on the Halloween edition detailer awesome product. Thanks voodoo
11-07-2018 - Luis P.
Great products, I've used the whole line up and each product performs well. I will continue to use Voodoo Ride products!
11-02-2018 - Tanner V.
I cant say enough about Voodoo products! My husband and I run a Mobile Detailing business, and trust me when I say we have tried tons of different products!! Nothing compares and we definitely wont be switching any time soon. I highly recommend! As far as the website..its very clean and very easy to navigate. I had my items picked out and was checked out in just a matter of minutes. Good job guys!
09-12-2018 - Rosa F.
I found your tire shine to be very durable! My 2018 Jeep Compass plastic exterior trim was already looking bad. I tried the tire shine on it with great results! I will spread the word!
04-26-2019 - Tim Polley