Buffing Pad Kit

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Voodoo Ride ® Buffing Pad Kit includes three pads for every step of polishing your vehicle. When paired with Orbital Polisher, removes small to large scratches and swirl marks.

  • Long-lasting High Quality Foam
  •  Three 6" Foam Pads
  • Orange - Cutting Pad
  • White - Polishing Pad
  • Black - Finishing Pad


  1. Orange Cutting Pad- For non-aggressive cutting. Use for removing buffing swirls, oxidation, and scratches.
  2. White Polishing Pad- For light scratches and swirl marks. Use for paint cleaning and removing light to slight scratches.
  3. Black Finishing Pad- For applying final polishes and waxes.  Use to bring out maximum gloss and color depth on your vehicle’s painted surface.