Orbital Polisher

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SKU: VR-1023

Voodoo Ride® Orbital Polisher removes scratches and paint defects from your vehicle's paintwork and restores the shine to your vehicle's paintwork. Work smarter not harder use the orbital polisher with a polishing pad to properly apply compounds, polishes, sealants, and waxes to restore shine to your vehicle's paintwork.

  • 120V
  • Speeds from 2500 -7400RPM
  • 10ft Heavy-Duty Rubber Cable
  • UPC: 757558788156


  1. Apply 4-5 drops of cutting compound onto a  orange cutting pad.
  2. Working small areas at a time, use Orbital Polisher on speed setting (1) to evenly spread the compound.
  3. Work each area until cutting compound becomes clear. Then proceed to cutting polish.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the cutting polish using a white polishing pad. Then move on to final polish.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 with final polish using a black finishing pad, working each area until the desired shine is achieved.
  6. Remove any residue with a clean Voodoo Ride Microfiber Towel.