Water Hose Foam Cannon, Car Wash Foam Gun

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SKU: VR-1026

Voodoo Ride® Water Hose Foam Cannon makes washing any vehicle a breeze. Don’t have a pressure washer? It's okay, the Water Hose Foam Cannon quickly connects to any standard garden hose achieving the perfect foamy wash that can be done without the use of a pressure washer. Use the water and soap fill lines on the canister for the perfect water-to-soap ratio, for best results use your favorite Voodoo Ride car soap. The different foam blasting settings create a thick blanket of foam for the ultimate car washing experience.

  • Easy to assemble and connect to most standard garden hoses
  • Soap and water fill lines for perfect water to soap ratio
  • 6 foam blasting settings
  • UPC: 757558788194

MATERIAL: Plastic, Aluminum, Brass


  1. Add 4oz. of your favorite Voodoo Ride car soap to the cannon’s canister, and fill with water to the fill line.
  2. Close the canister and attach the Foam Cannon to the quick release nozzle.
  3. Blast your vehicle until it's completely covered in foam.
  4. Use a Wash Mitt to lather and remove any embedded dirt.
  5. Rinse clean with water and dry using your favorite Voodoo Ride Drying Towel.